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Welcome to Troop 14!

We are a high adventure troop and crew located in Vancouver, WA, USA.  Our troop meets Monday evenings at 7pm at the Salmon Creek United Methodist Church on Hwy 99.  We have monthly campouts and annual high adventure activities.

We perform regular community service throughout the year, are actively involved with Scouting in the area, including mentoring Cub Scout Packs, leading training sessions in the metro area and are heavily involved in Order of the Arrow.

Welcome To Venturing Crew 14

Venturing is a co-ed program within the Boy Scouts of America focusing on high adventure for youth and young adults ages 14-21. Crew 14 is an active Venturing Crew in Vancouver, WA that meets Monday evenings at 6 pm at the Salmon Creek United Methodist Church on Hwy 99.

Some past adventures we have taken include hiking, snow tubing, camping, shotgun shooting, horseback riding, biking, rock climbing, participation in regional and national activities, and a variety volunteering projects. Many Crew 14 members are also active in Boy Scouts, the Order of the Arrow, Council leadership positions, and staffing summer camps around the Council. Come check us out, we’d love to meet you!


Every couple of years our older Scouts head down to The Bahamas to crew a sailboat. A whole week living the life of sailors!  They cook, clean, raise and drop the sails, steer the boat, raise the anchor, and learn about knots and rope work. Of course what really attracts the boys is all the fun. We snorkel around reefs seeing spectacular tropical fish, sharks, turtles, and stingrays. You get to search white sand beaches for shells and lay out just soaking up the sun. It is our favorite team building exercise.

Philmont Scout Camp in New Mexico

Philmont is the Boy Scout’s premier high adventure base with over 214 square miles of rugged New Mexico wilderness to explore.  Backpacking treks, horseback cavalcades, and training programs provide memories that will last a lifetime.

Week-Long Canoe Treks

Take a week to canoe around the Northern Tier Adventure Base in Northern Minnesota and Ontario or somewhere a bit closer like the Bowron Lake Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada. The Scouts get to paddle through 70 miles or so of awe inspiring wilderness.

National Jamboree

Every four years, 35,000 Scouts from all over the United States and other countries come together in West Virginia for two weeks of camping, zip lining, swimming, biking, and lots of other Scout activities. While in that area of the country, our Scouts will tour Washington D.C. and learn about the history of our country.

Camp Meriwether

Spend a week on the Oregon Coast just south of Tillamook. Almost 800 acres of beach front property provides a chance for the Scouts to work on merit badges and their rank advancement.  Here they can canoe, swim, cook, and climb a 40’ climbing tower.

Camp Pioneer

Check out the sheer beauty of this camp located right next to the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area in Oregon. The first dive into the mountain lake is a shocker but they’ll spend a lot of time their. Earning merit badges is one part of the program here, but it is also a place for overnight hikes, boating, and learning all about our natural environment.

Camp Baldwin

If your son loves horses, this is the place to be. Head out for overnight horse rides here on the east side of Mt. Hood. Scouts will cook their own meals while working on their advancement. Anyone up for a mile swim?  How about doing some mountain biking? It is a great camp, although a bit dusty.

Camp Parsons

Located on the Olympic Pennisula, we have fun jumping off a pier to water that is 20 feet below you. The canoe swamp is another popular activity.

Camp Easton

Head over to Idaho for a week of water activities including SCUBA. Before attending a week at summer camp, we’re spent a day at Silverwood Theme Park enjoying the roller coasters and water park.

Court of Honor

Three times a year we have a formal ceremony honoring the boys, their achievements, advancements and leadership.


We only have one: the Christmas Tree Lot run for two weeks per year (for more see the section on funding).

All-night “Nerd-Fest”

Scouting is about having fun and it doesn’t have to be all about learning knots and lashings.  Out Scouts will now and then plan an all-night “nerd fest” where the Scouts bring a variety of electronic games and spend the night at the church.  Adults provide supervision and will likely make a breakfast for those participants that are still awake in the morning.  Sometimes we’ll do an “unplugged nerd fest” where the Scouts just play board games like Dungeons and Dragons.

Archery and Tomahawk Throwing

Build your own bow and take it out for target practice.  Or try your hand at hitting a target 20 feet away with a tomahawk.  It takes practice but some Scouts get very good at these challenges.


Start off easy with a 5 mile ride and work your way up to 50 miles on a bike.  If the Scouts want, we can bike in to an overnight camping spot.


We’ll head over to the coast and spend the day crabbing and then have a crab feed that evening.

Canoe-in camping

Why just drive in to a campsite when you can canoe out to an island and spend the night? Spend the day exploring the island or other inlets around Merwin Lake.

Zoo Snooze

Spend a night at the Oregon Zoo learning all about the animals and check out what happens behind the scenes.

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